Thursday, January 30, 2014

CEO Gary Bringhurst

Gary received his bachelor’s and master’s degree in accounting from Brigham Young University in 1992.  He first work with Ernst & Young in Southern California where he received his CPA certification.  While working at Ernst & Young, half his clients were engaged in manufacturing while the other half were engaged in Real Estate.  Experience at Ernst & Young helped set Gary’s knowledge foundation necessary to understand what financial and operational principles help drive successful businesses.
After leaving Ernst and Young much of his career was spent in leadership roles.  He served in the following positions: VP of Finance, CFO, VP of Operations, COO, President and CEO.  These positions were held with businesses ranging in size from 15 million to 1.5 billion.
He was recruited to these C level positions to help create, develop and execute strategic plans to drive profitable businesses grow.  Gary’s track record shows his success in achieving these objectives.  One business opportunity Gary was involved in saw profitable growth of a business from $30mm a year to $680mm a year within 2 years.
On several occasions, Gary has been involved in turning around dysfunctional businesses units.  He has the unique ability to develop, manage, and execute both high level strategic plans, and detailed tactical campaigns.  Some of the areas of expertise Gary has is as follows: financial planning and modeling, manufacturing improvement and execution, materials planning and scheduling, sales and sales organizational structuring, business strategic planning, marketing planning, and debt financing and restructuring.
Gary has always been able to see the end from the beginning as it relates to positioning a company for growth and profitability.  Along with this, he is capable of making all the hard decisions necessary to bridge the gap between business failure and success.
Gary is married to his wife Suzanne of 24 years and the proud father of five children.  He enjoys spending time with this wife and children and hopes to always set the best example for the people he knows and meets.